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Creationism - Kuba Płużek Quartet (2018)

Froots - Kuba Płużek Solo Piano (2017)

“Froots” is the third album in the signature portion of the discography of Kuba Płużek, one of the most extraordinary Polish artists of the younger generation. A musician who, it would seem, was already fully developed, from the moment he first saw the piano. A person who is already capable of everything, and yet is constantly developing. An illustrious, sensitive personality who, for several years now, has been deftly leading a purebred jazz quartet with an unchanged lineup. A composer gifted with ingenious invention, and a leader directing a group with confidence in purpose worthy of a musician with decades of performing experience, and star-like authority.

Eleven Songs - Kuba Płużek Solo Piano (2015)

Despite its fairly dispersed selection of the repertoire and apparent stylistic inconsistency, “Eleven Songs" is an intricately constructed whole. This music should win the ears of chamber sound fans, who can also appreciate the pianist's nonparallel virtuosity, as well as of the listeners who favor beautiful melodies and memorable motifs set in the exquisite sound of black and white keys.

Between the passage-like, extensive themes such as  Michel Petrucciani's ''Home'' and nostalgic tunes (Frederic Weatherley's moving ''Danny Boy''), Płużek has neatly wove motifs characterized by accentuated dynamics and a prominent rhythm, such as Dave Holland's ''Homecoming'', always adorning them with unique interpretation and imprinting their own mark on them.



First Album Kuba Pluzek

First Album - Kuba Płużek (2014)

"First Album" is a mature and demanding work. I have no slightest doubt about it.  The selections, all Płużek’s originals, represent a very high level and reinforce his reputation as an intelligent leader and creator. This creativity manifests first of all in the very rich musical language, set on the foundation of emotionally diverse collective improvisation. These sounds are authentic, what's more – by bringing out the mood proper to life "inspirations", they allow to believe in the sincerity of artistic expression. Płużek mentally activates his audiences. Offering an opportunity to experience his creativity, he allows them to enter the world of feelings, reverie and impressions. It must be said, however, that this is not a sad and melancholic music. On the contrary, "First Album" brings about a huge energy charge. Less lyricism here, much more fervent energy, expression and great joy of playing.

Eskaubei&Tomek Nowak Quartet- Będzie dobrze (2015)

The first question that arises here: Is “Będzie dobrze” a jazz album? Or hip-hop? Or, perhaps, jazz-rap?  A combo of skillful and talented musicians: Filip Mozul (dr), Alan Wykpisz (b), Kuba Płużek (Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, p) and Tomek Nowak (tp, fl) has produced music with a deep, jazz sound. There is room in their songs for improvisation and frivolous solo parts, primarily of the trumpet (which is a characteristic feature of jazz music). In turn, the album owes its hip-hop feel first of all to Eskaubei's rapping, and Krime’s scratching, as well as beats. Flow and groove are provided in all their glory. The balance between jazz and hip-hop has been kept in perfect proportions. I've placed "Będzie dobrze" in the "jazz" section of my CD shelf. However, regardless of the accepted categories and classifications, it is simply an album of good music.

Ida Zalewska - Storytelling (2016) 

flawless vocal technique, instrumental treatment of the voice in arranged and improvised parts, multi-layered arrangements, full range of moods and sounds, and the cheerful whole; professional production, perfect choice of the session cast (Kuba Płużek, Szymon Mika, Kuba Dworak, Damian Niewiński) and, finally, a rarity on our shores - attention to detail.

Gadabit-Drzewa (2015)

The potential dormant in Gadabit had convinced the musicians of seemingly separate environments to participate in the project. The three young people had infected with their artistic vision a company including: Kuba Płużek - a jazz pianist outstanding on the Polish scene nominated for the Fryderyk 2014 award), world-class mezzo-soprano Magda Niedbała, renowned folk singer Joanna Słowińska and a Polish hip-hop pioneer - DJ Feel-X. An unusual fusion of styles and 22 (!) musical personalities have contributed to the album's unique character that strongly distinguishes the band on the Polish hip hop scene.

As sung by Billie Holiday - Ida Zalewska (2012)

The project was initiated by Arek Skolik - one of the most brilliant drummers of the Polish jazz scene, who recruited for the date such excellent young instrumentalists as Kuba Płużek and Piotr Schmidt, so I decided to listen carefully to the album entitled: "As Sung By Billie Holiday".
Ida Zalewska has a strong and sensual voice that perfectly reflects all emotions in the Lady Day songs. It's heard already on the first track: "Lover man", adorned with great brass parts, resounding against the background of subtle drums and electric piano.Perfect brass and reed arrangements are also an undoubted attribute of "Foolin 'myself", where the trumpet (Piotr Schmidt), the muted trombone (Adam Solski), the bass clarinet (Marek Pospieszalski) and the tenor saxophone (Jarosław Bothur) perfectly dialog with each other. It smells like New Orleans spirit!



Dudek Bluesy - Irek Dudek (2011)

Fryderyk:  BLUES category



Lilla Chezquiz - Jarek Bothur (2010)




Detour Ahead - Arek Skolik Special Trio (2010)